Cash for Clothes Manchester

Money 4 Clothes

What We Take & Don’t Take

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Cash for Clothes Collections
We are happy to work alongside charities and organisations or people who are looking to raise funds for whatever cause.

Commercial, factory and house clear outs are welcome.
Clothes We Accept
Coats, Jeans, Trousers, Skirts, bras, Dresses, Jumpers, Shirts, Blouse, Jackets, Swimwear, Hats, Scarves, Gloves & Ties. All type off good condition footwear that are in pairs. Basically all that you can wear unless mentioned.

Things We Do Not Take
Clothing with Animal Hair, School Uniform with logos (without logo is fine), Work Uniform with Logo (without logo is fine), Damaged or Un-Wearable Clothing, Clothing with Bad Odour, Socks, Underwear, Wet or Damp Clothing, Pajamas Unless in New Condition, Towels, Pillow Cases, Cushion Covers, Rugs. Any little stain is not accepted.

Jeans that are ripped from the bottom, items that are stained (even if little), dressing gowns, bath robes, bed slippers unless new condition. Please do not bring these items in the bags.

*** Our exporters have declined all our clothing that are from mature deceased people. unfortunately due to this being out of our hands – we can only accept 1 bag of this type of clothing. Sorry about this. Please call if more information needed.***

please we are not like WH TRACEYS who use to take anything and everything.


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